Updated Report on the Use of Tablets in Education

This report by Family, Kids & Youth:

  • Updates previous research on the impact of 1:1 tablets.
  • Discusses findings from recent studies.
  • Discusses the limitations of the research to date.
  • Discusses how tablets contribute to learning.
  • Examines the issues surrounding tablet use in different contexts.
  • Why Tablets: Highlights what makes tablets so different from technologies such as computers, laptops and netbooks, describing in detail factors such as mobility, affordability and functionality.

Table of Contents:

  • Research on mobile learning
    • ‘Anytime, anywhere learning’
    • Independent learning
    • Communication
    • Collaboration
    • Introducing mobile technology
  • Research on Tablets
    • What distinguishes Tablets from other devices?
    • What drives Tablet adoption in schools?
    • Research on Tablets in education
    • Technology as a source of distraction
    • Developing literacy
    • Tablets as personal devices
  • The use of Tablets in primary schools
  • The use of Tablets in secondary schools
  • The use of Tablets in universities
  • The use of Tablets for children with Special Educational Needs
  • Teachers’ perceptions of technology
    • The role of the teacher
    • Professional training and teacher confidence
  • Digital learning material
  • The importance of pedagogical vision

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