Too much time online? The Tablets for Schools Students Charter To Counter ‘Internet Addiction’

A charter of wise guidance has emerged from secondary school pupils on how to deal with the growing issue of internet addiction amongst 11 to 17 year olds. The charter containing five top tips on how to deal with the modern 24/7 ‘always connected lifestyle’ comes from educational charity Tablets for Schools new research: “Do Students Sometimes Feel They Are Addicted to The Internet?”. Tablets for Schools surveyed 2,228 secondary school boys and girls aged 11-17 in 9 schools across England and Scotland in January 2014. The pupils had been studying using 1:1 tablets for over a year, through an ongoing programme designed to utilise the benefits of Tablets for their education at school and at home.

Most young people do not feel they are addicted are generally very positive about using the internet, and can see many benefits to its use. Rather than a threat to their wellbeing, the majority of young people view the internet as empowering; a means to explore and make connections with others, and an opportunity to find out about the environment in which they live. Research showed that despite feelings of addiction, most young people had positive experiences of the internet, receiving help and support from their friends online. But the research revealed that while the majority (61%) do not think they are addicted, almost 40% of pupils do sometimes feel addicted to their internet enabled device (smartphone, laptop or tablet).

Andrew Harrison, Chair of Tablets for Schools, points out how Tablets for Schools research has demonstrated positive changes in student learning: “So we know about the incredible force for good Tablets are. But this Charter of guidance from pupils themselves is invaluable. Boundaries can help maintain a healthy relationship with the internet.”

The charter of wise guidance that emerged from the mouths of pupils themselves will be of interest to young people, parents and teachers alike. You can download it from the link below.

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