Our Research: Overview

Tablets for Schools commissioned independent research into how tablets impact teaching and learning. The research was carried out by Family Kids and Youth in three stages. Each stage demonstrated that tablets brought numerous benefits to the classroom.  The programme started in September 2011, and we are waiting for the results of Stage 4.

Stage 1 Research was carried out between September 2011 and July 2012 and included a literature review, global evaluation studies, and an evaluation of three pilot secondary schools.  The results were overwhelmingly positive and set the stage for Stage 2 of the research, asking how feasible is it to roll out 1 to 1 tablets in schools?   Read more…
Stage 2 Research was carried out between September 2012 and April 2013. The research included an evaluation of four secondary schools. Results suggest that long-term use of the Tablet has a profound effect on pedagogy, and that pupils benefit from having access to content both at school and at home. Read more
Stage 3 Research was carried out between April and September 2013. The method included questionnaires from face-to-face interviews and ethnographic observation carried out in 21 schools. The research assesses and compares staff; pupil and parental attitudes before and after Tablets were introduced Read more...
In 2014 we produced a range or reports on a variety of subjects to hone in on our findings from the previous three stages. You can view these reports in the Study Reports Section.  We are now developing Stage 5 of our research with a focus on pedagogical changes in schools using one to one mobile devices.

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