Stage 3 Research

Stage 3 Research was carried out between April and September 2013. The method included questionnaires from face-to-face interviews and ethnographic observation carried out in 21 schools. The research assesses and compares staff, pupil and parental attitudes before and after Tablets were introduced to Year 7s in three schools. Furthermore, we carried out more specific studies throughout 2013 and early 2104 in relationship to technology in schools including: online safety, time management, introducing coding in schools, attitudes towards gaming, and an updated literature review.

Benefits of Tablets

  • Teachers could tailor learning for different abilities.
  • Students, teachers and parents were more engaged, and collaborated more.
  • Children completed homework more quickly.
  • Improved behaviour.
  • Cost-savings (ie,  from reducing the number of PCs).
“Excellent for research, rather than waiting for a computer rooms.” – Teacher
“In PE having the ability to record themselves performing and then ability to watch and analyse and review their performance…standard of learning, understanding and progress improved.” – Teacher

Issues Surrounding Tablets

  • Integration into Teaching: Resulted in an emphasis on training focusing on how to use the tablet in lessons.
  • Additional Deployment Costs: These included wifi and insurance.
  • Reliable Educational Content: Teachers created content using resources such as iBook and iTunes. One school trained teachers to develop bespoke apps.
  • Funding: Schools turned to a number of creative funding options.


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