Updated Report on the Use of Tablets in Education

Education Tablets

This report by Family, Kids & Youth: Updates previous research on the impact of 1:1 tablets. Discusses findings from recent studies. Discusses the limitations of the research to date. Discusses how tablets contribute to learning. Examines the issues surrounding tablet use in different contexts. Why Tablets: Highlights what makes tablets so different from technologies such as computers, … Read more

Our Research: Overview


Tablets for Schools commissioned independent research into how tablets impact teaching and learning. The research was carried out by Family Kids and Youth in three stages. Each stage demonstrated that tablets brought numerous benefits to the classroom.  The programme started in September 2011, and we are waiting for the results of Stage 4. Stage 1 … Read more

Digital Education Libraries

Digital Libraries

Although there is a wealth of online resources available for teachers and students, this information is more useful when organized. Digital education libraries work a lot like regular libraries, and are largely composed of pre-internet material that has been digitized and made searchable. iBooks iBooks is an ebook app for devices such as the iPad, iPhone … Read more