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The NAFEM Program, which took place in Orlando in February, brought in 643 showing business as well as greater than 22,000 registrants. Responding to a transforming industry, ingenious foodservice producers continue to introduce equipment and items that help drivers prosper. The NAFEM Program Even more individuals than ever participated in The NAFEM Program in February, … Read more

About Tablets for Schools

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Tablet computers for Schools is a charity that commissions the largest independent study program on the planet on exactly how tablets effect understanding as well as achievement. We make this research study openly readily available, and use it as a basis for ideal practices for colleges executing smart phones. Our work is backed by headteachers, … Read more

Too much time online? The Tablets for Schools Students Charter To Counter ‘Internet Addiction’

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A charter of wise guidance has emerged from secondary school pupils on how to deal with the growing issue of internet addiction amongst 11 to 17 year olds. The charter containing five top tips on how to deal with the modern 24/7 ‘always connected lifestyle’ comes from educational charity Tablets for Schools new research: “Do Students Sometimes … Read more

Three Things You Must Consider When Starting to use Tablets with SEN students

Tablet Schemes

Among the most amazing findings from our research is that tablets are opening up a brand-new world of opportunities for SEN (Special Education and learning Requirements) trainees. Pupils ended up being extra involved with the topic just because the new system enabled them a greater choice in just how to discover. They acquired a feeling … Read more

Lucy Gradillas Talks About Breakage and Storage

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The first phase of Tablet’s for School’s  independent research showed breakages to be a significant issue and revealed that across all the schools involved in our research, between 5-8% of devices were broken at some stage. It is interesting to note that risk of theft is the concern that parents and teachers voice initially when learning through tablets is discussed. … Read more

Stage 3 Research

Stage 3

Stage 3 Research was carried out between April and September 2013. The method included questionnaires from face-to-face interviews and ethnographic observation carried out in 21 schools. The research assesses and compares staff, pupil and parental attitudes before and after Tablets were introduced to Year 7s in three schools. Furthermore, we carried out more specific studies … Read more