Financing a Tablet Scheme

Here are a few statistics from our research:

  • 17% of our schools found getting help on financial issues difficult.
  • 38% of schools used a “blended approach to funding their tablets.
  • 71% of schools insist on a case or cover to prevent breakages.
  • 25% of schools found insurance very or quite difficult.
  • 80% of schools had additional IT costs.

It is crucial to consider finances (including insurance and other ongoing costs) at the outset. Consider all possible financing models, particularly if you are leaning toward not moving forward because of the cost of school-wide tablets.

Our research schools came up with a number of creative solutions to the funding challenge. Some schools operated blended schemes, with parents contributing part of the cost. Others only asked parents to contribute if students took the device home. BYOD is also an option.

“17% of schools found getting help on financial issues difficult.�? – Finding from our research

“38% of schools used a ‘blended’ approach, that is they used different ways to finance the scheme.�? – Finding from our research

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