We Believe technology Can Transform Education

In that time we have grown from working with just a few schools using 1:1 tablets in learning, to helping schools across the UK understand and enjoy using technology in education.

On the Cutting Edge of The Table

JBC Catering

The NAFEM Program, which took place in Orlando in February, brought in 643 showing business as well as greater than 22,000 registrants. Responding to a transforming industry, ingenious foodservice producers…

About Tablets for Schools

Schools and tabletes

Tablet computers for Schools is a charity that commissions the largest independent study program on the planet on exactly how tablets effect understanding as well as achievement. We make this…

Stage 3 Case Studies: Real Stories


Our researchers visited 20 schools that had either introduced or were about to introduce tablets. They compiled case studies from observations, questionnaires, and interviews. The schools varied by location, age,…

Lucy Gradillas Talks About Breakage and Storage

Android Tablet

The first phase of Tablet’s for School’s  independent research showed breakages to be a significant issue and revealed that across all the schools involved in our research, between 5-8% of devices were broken at some…

Tabltes For School

About Tablets for Schools

We make this research study openly readily available, and use it as a basis for finest practices for colleges applying mobile devices. Our work is backed by headteachers, schools, academics, charities, market and also federal government. They all support our objective– education and learning should inspire children.

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